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Kodiak Group's new patent pending Crush-N-Shear is designed specifically to densify nonferrous cast metals such as aluminum or brass gating / sprue systems and scrap castings which tend to bend rather than crush as in traditional jaw crushers. The patent pending action of the cutting shears and forced sizing that occurs as material is processed provides a greatly densified product which can be conveyed and transferred into furnace charging systems for melting.

Kodiak Group's Crush-N-Shear eliminates the hazards of manually handling and sawing gating / sprue which tangles in hoppers and furnace charging systems. Raw material can be loaded by continuous feed from a conveyor, and discharged material can be collected either on a conveyor system or directly into a hopper. The hydraulic unit includes a piston-style pump, oil cooler, 200 gallon tank and valves. The electrical panel includes a door mounted HMI, push-buttons, E-Stop, PLC and motor starters

Ever wonder what happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object? Whatever is in-between doesn't stand a chance. With extreme duty construction, you'll know you can count on the brass and aluminum sprue densifier with attitude, Kodiak Group's Crush-N-Shear.

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